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    So how ought the programme of 2026 have been?

    Emil N has recently suggested a change from single distances to samalog events both for sprint, middle- and long distances. Gives more in depth fields with the recent small total quotas in mind. MS and TP in addition to the samalogs then sums up to a modest 10 medal events in total. 3 or 4 distances in the sprint combination (not the 2x500+2x1000 but a modernized version), 1000+1500+3000 for the middle distance event, and a choice between the big combination or 3000+5000+10 000 for the long distance skaters! :)
    I doubt both that the IOC wants the big combination and that the member federations want to get rid of the fight for single distance medals. Thus I suggest a modified version:

    Each category singles out a core distance where the fight also is on for single distance medals. Sprint:500, middle distances:1500, long distances: 5000m. Same for both gender. Gender equality. The middle distance combination starts out with 1000m, continues with the medal event 1500m, and ultimately the three distance competition finishes off with the 3k. Limited number of skaters qualify for the third distance to make the competition attractive.
    The long distance combination begins with the 3k, continues with the medal awarding event 5k, and finishes off with the 10k. A limited number of skaters qualify for the third distance to make the competition attractive. The short distance combination provides several options to be decided among. 100-700-500-300? 500-300-700? 1000m not included.
    This model would among other things mean that we will see 3000m twice both for men and women. But I would only want to see the TP as a one race event. If we also include mass start, the total number of medal events in this model sums up to 16.
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