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  1. Inimene

    Inimene Well-Known Member

    Only the natural ones, we call them kuradi tuul

    No Russians at the World championships... Olga Fatkulina confirms.

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  2. Inimene

    Inimene Well-Known Member

    "Sadly, there were other plans, [but now it's] the war. We [Russians] no longer participate in the Worlds".
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  3. Marcel Vos

    Marcel Vos Well-Known Member

    Was het hun eigen beslissing of de beslissing van de ISU?
  4. Inimene

    Inimene Well-Known Member

    There was no official statement about that from the ISU as far as I'm concerned. The ISU condemned the Russian aggression yesterday but issued participation ban to Russian athletes.

    Whoever is in charge of this decision, for now its for the better. I wouldn't like Olga or other athletes from Russia to be publicly condemned for acts that they have no influence over.

    My heart goes out to them, even tho I never cared much about any Russian athlete personally.
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  5. Kristian

    Kristian Active Member

    MOSCOW, February 26 - RIA Novosti, Alexander Govorov. There is a high probability that the Russian national speed skating team will not perform at the World All-Around Championships due to flight restrictions and the financial component, Varvara Barysheva, executive director of the Russian Skating Union, told RIA Novosti.
    The World Championships in speed skating in all-around will be held in Hamar, Norway on March 3-6.
    “I can’t say one hundred percent yet, but there is a high probability that the team will not fly to the World Cup. This is due to flight restrictions and the financial component. We are not sure that we can technically pay for the team’s stay,” Barysheva said."
  6. Kristian

    Kristian Active Member

    "The Russian Skating Union has notified the International Skating Union (ISU) that the Russian team will not compete at the World All-Around Championships in Hamar, Norway, President of the Russian Skating Union Alexei Kravtsov told Match TV.

    “The decision was made in connection with the closed airspace, the cancellation of flights,” Kravtsov told Match TV.

    In connection with the same circumstances, the decision to skip the junior world championship in short track speed skating in Gdansk, Poland, on March 4–6, is connected.

    - There is no decision yet on participation in the World Cup final in Heerenveen (March 12-13), - added Kravtsov.

    The 2022 World Speed Skating Championships in all-around will be held in Hamar, Norway from 3 to 6 March."
  7. Kristian

    Kristian Active Member

    Thats allround, sprint. But you are right: Change the format to 500-300-100-700. ;).

    Tragic situation in Ukraine.
  8. Kristian

    Kristian Active Member

  9. Inimene

    Inimene Well-Known Member

    Ok so, I have just come back home. It was an absolutely crazy day.

    First of all, I'm very sorry dear mod @SprintMaster, now I know exactly what height resolution suits the forum and I will make sure to resize my images accordingly.

    Estonian nationals are progressing okay, thank you for your overwhelming support! 1500 m and 5k tomorrow. My team was insanely supportive of me today, I've received many hugs and embraces. Everyone is in agreement that this is not our war and that I should stop suffering and start healing my wounds.

    Thirdly, right after the championships I headed straight to the protest. Basically, 10k people attended the protest and it was overwhelmingly warm and positive, full of support. Here you can see the pics and here is the YT broadcast. Legends say that if you fast forward to around 47:00 then you will see a certain Russian/Estonian skater being interviewed and speaking Estonian for the first time on camera...

    Yes the media got me :D my sign attracted alot of positive attention. The interviewer has a hockey fan, and since I was still wearing my speed skating club uniform, he noticed that and approached me (ice sports fans always find each other even amidst 10k people I guess :D). And the rest is history ;)

    The President and other speakers called the nation to unite, to support Ukrainians and Russians as we are all gravely wounded and suffering. And after getting so much support from the Estonian and Ukrainian people today, I can tell that I have achieved my goal today. I think I have found some peace today.

    Now it is time for me to start healing and help bring peace to those that need it quite literally.
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  10. Inimene

    Inimene Well-Known Member

    Russian Prosecutors Office has made a statement that anyone who supports Ukraine including by contributing to any charity and organisation that aids Ukraine will be criminally charged. This way Putin has made yet another move against every Russian citizen residing in Russia whose heart hurts for the lives of the innocent. Now their support is officially a crime.

    Of course it's bullshit. They can't imprison the whole nation. They are just looking for yet another excuse to save their own ass.

    Mr. Head Prosecutor and other people in the government are the greatest traitors of the country. They know it. And their attempts to redirect the blame on regular Russians look and sound like they're scared for their own ass.
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  11. Monique

    Monique Well-Known Member

    I have a vague hope that this will be the beginning of the end of Putin. I don’t think that he can hold on to this in the long term and that eventually it will be his Waterloo. The sad thing is that first many people will die. I am not an expert and I can’t see all consequences but my heart says that the NATO should fight along with Ukraine. Putin now already threatened to use his nuclear weapons, so with or without NATO does not seem to matter. But again I can’t see all the consequences.
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  12. sysya

    sysya Well-Known Member

    Ik denk niet dat NAVO echt gaat ingrijpen door manschappen te sturen. Ze zijn de grenzen van het NAVO gebied nu aan het bemensen, maar aangezien Oekraïne geen lid is van de NAVO valt dat stuk land buiten de grenzen. Als Putin echt nucleaire wapens gaat gebruiken (wat anders is dan dreigen) dan moeten ze wel want dat zal ook landen als Polen en Roemenië raken wat binnen de NAVO grenzen ligt. Zolang Putin zich alleen richt op Oekraïne hoeft NAVO officieel geen militairen te sturen.
  13. Monique

    Monique Well-Known Member

    Dat klopt helemaal maar om voor altijd van Poetin af te zijn zou het misschien goed zijn als de NATO wél zou meevechten met Oekraïne. Ik ben bang dat hij anders toch gaat winnen en dan grenst Polen rechtstreeks aan een land met een Russische regering en dan zijn we misschien te laat.
  14. Kristian

    Kristian Active Member

    Sport is of very little "importance" in the current situation. Intended to go to Hamar, but now I am not that enthusiastic. Can please someone save the world?
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  15. Inimene

    Inimene Well-Known Member

    Likewise. I have everything booked for the trip to Heerenveen in two weeks. I was ecstatic about that for weeks on end. Now I'm not sure anymore. The thought of going somewhere else on my own and leaving my partner behind, literally the only family I have left, even for a couple of days, is terrifying now. But it wasn't a week ago.

    There's still time to wait and see but... even if I end up going it's gonna be bittersweet. I don't know. I just don't know.
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  16. proeme

    proeme Well-Known Member

    Semerikov rijdt mee met het Nederlandse marathon-peleton in Lulea.

    Hij reed vandaag in een geel-blauw pak. Toeval? Maakt niet uit, ik vind het mooi.
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  17. sysya

    sysya Well-Known Member

    Oh absoluut. Ik zou zeggen dat het onderhand al lang tijd is om als de NAVO te zeggen dat ze Putin dat land uit gaan kicken. Maar goed ik denk dat ze nog wel even door zullen blijven gaan met nutteloze sancties
  18. Eelco

    Eelco Well-Known Member

  19. Monique

    Monique Well-Known Member

  20. Eelco

    Eelco Well-Known Member

    Zolang er geen oorlog is regeert de inkomsten van de bobo's. Ongeacht welk land dat is.
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