Nils van der Poel

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  1. Inimene

    Inimene Active Member

    Nils has just announced that he is planning to jog all the way from Stockholm to Beijing in 2022 right before the Olympics. That's around 7000 km. And he is dead serious about it
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  2. Duif

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    Het is vandaag 1 april...
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  3. Inimene

    Inimene Active Member

    bingo ;) i never said that i was serious ;))))))

    Edit: actually, knowing Nils you never know if he actually meant it as a joke
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  4. Inimene

    Inimene Active Member

    Nils' sister Hanna made an Instagram post a few days ago announcing that their mother passed away a month ago from cancer. Deepest condolences to the van der Poel family and everyone who was close to her.
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