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    Hey there fellow forum dwellers! There's something about speed skating I've always admired (among other things) and it's how beautiful it is. One way to embrace this beauty is to put it into art.

    I've always wanted to facilitate the discussion between the skating fans about speed skating in art. When I talk art, I mean any form: music, visual art, literature, etc. Speed skating clearly does not receive as much attention from creative persons as other winter sports do. It's time to fix it! I'd love this thread to be a place for all of you to share speed skating related art you have come across and to show off your own art, if you create any!

    If you're an artistic person of any kind that creates speed skating art, don't be afraid to show your talent! I'd love to see other people's works inspired by speed skating and hear the stories behind their creations. What inspired them? Or maybe, who? Was it watching a competition or discovering a new skater? Witnessing a world record? Getting into speed skating personally? There's so much behind art that can be inspiring! And it's proven to be effective in getting people curious and invested in finding out more about speed skating!

    As an artist, I've been contributing to raising awareness about our beloved sport via art. I enjoy drawing portraits of my favourite skaters (such as this drawing of Patrick Roest I once posted here on the forum) but also creating AUs (alternative universe) settings based on my favourite shows and turning the characters into speed skaters (some examples: here and here).

    I love writing stories, too. There's an ongoing story currently in the writing that I update regularly: it's not based on IRL skaters but exploits an AU concept where the characters of a popular anime series are the members of the Japanese national team. If that's something you think can interest you, I'll leave a link right here.

    Overall, let's share the speed skating art!
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