Gecorrigeerde tijden 2017/2018

Discussie in 'Lange baan' gestart door Skøyteranking, 8 apr 2018.

  1. Sorry for not writing in Dutch!

    Last season, I had some interesting discussions on this forum, regarding different attempts to compare results from different tracks (slower and faster). To make a long story short, my system of comparing results has changed quite dramatically since then. I think the system itself probably is better now, but it is more difficult than before to compare results from earlier years.

    Therefore, my lists now is for the 2017/18 season only. Here are the lists, and an explanation (in Norwegian) to how they are calculated.

    In short, my system now is made out of two factors:

    1) the skater's time compared to his opponents
    2) the quality of his opponents
    ZeeKoei vindt dit leuk.

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